Saturday, September 11, 2010

I am Itching to hit the thrifts again. My favorite Haul.

Last week I found some super items at the local thrift. Can not find time this week, yet.

Lovely Prussia China bowl

To die for.. Vintage Silver Pitcher

Which looked like this when I picked it up
amazing what a little polish can do

And who could resist these two adorable pitchers for the Cottage??
Not me....I always had a thing for pitchers...
2 in one day...yowlsie..

And the Battenburg lace.. I will not admit what I paid!.. yes I will.. 2 bucks, and it is perfect.


I even got the most adorable, perfect, chip free porcelain cooking pot! All in one day!

Last week was a great thrifting haul. I wanna go again!..

But it was soooo nice on the beach i just had to stay there!
So the thrifting treasures will be left to others!

Happy hunting.. or sunning...

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  1. Love your haul from the thrift store, especially the china bowl and the silver pitcher. But I think you made the right choice in going to the beach instead of thrifting. Fall is lurking in the leaves and air! Thanks for visiting my blog. blessings on your day!


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