Monday, September 20, 2010

Not yet ready for Fall

The last few weeks of Summer are the most savored for me. As long as it is still beach weather, I can hardly bear to think of The Fall. When I drive down the shore and I see the leaves changing then I will feel the season.
And I will invariably enjoy it to it's full extent.  I just had to share these pics from our last few jaunts to the beach. We often walk back through the lighthouse gardens, to get home to our little cottage. Me and my beach bums. Sometimes we are lucky enough to pass the sprinklers when they are on, and we catch a nice spray on our heated walk back from the beach. ...It just feels delightful.
Entering the cool gardens...

The perennials take on an end of summer hue

Just sucking up the last bits of me

And back in the Bay, when the sun set, it was a glorious summer evening

When Fall really arrives people will begin to put their boats away. They will shrink wrap them in protective plastic and dry dock them somewhere safe from the Nor'easters that ravage the area in winter.
And my little Beach town will be a ghost town.

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