Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Summer's last Hooooorrahhy!

While sitting, and enjoying the beach after a dip in the wild waves, this past Labor Day weekend, I snapped this pic, in the distance you can barely see a sailboat. But it' there, so bear with me.
Labor day weekend was really one of the best of the summer. The water down the shore was still warm and so very clear. No jellyfish this year at all! The weather was perfect for sailing and several boats came ashore.

So off my adventurous spirit  went to see where this was heading.
I could see it was going to come ashore up by the inlet so I nabbed my sis to accompany me on this little beach walk. I got excited, as we got near the spot where it landed, because I usually only see them a way off in the ocean.

And as I get closer
And closer. 
The owner looks like one of those little vintage wooden nautical fishermen you can buy!
Ok now he's facing my way so I have to be more cautious because ..
maybe he doesn't want his picture taken!
So I switch my attention to a small river forming from the ocean to the tide pool, where lots of little fish and crabs are riding the ripples and probably giggling.

And Sis spots another sail!

So we head on back and check them out again! 
3 nautical fishermen figures.

It was a fun day, checking out the boats that were sailing right up on to the beach on 
Labor Day weekend.
Ahhh summer. 
It ain't over till it's over!

Now let's get back to that mojito!

And then that night on my walk over to my sister's house to play some dominoes,
 my daughter and I encounter some gorgeous cotton candy clouds!

Now, who could ask for more than the "feast for the eyes" these summer days bring?

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