Friday, September 3, 2010

Stormy but beautiful in Wildwood by the Sea

Today was just an awesome day by the ocean.

The Northeastern part of the US was ravaged by Hurricane Earl. North Carolina had to evacuate. By the time hurricane Earl reached our neck of the woods he was only a category 1 storm, which was great for us. No damage to worry about. Today there was no going on the beach though, but there were some awesome sights to behold. Yesterday because Earl was rather far away was a gorgeous day on the beach with surf rough enough to bring out the surfers, and fun enough to knock my daughter and I around in the surf till we could laugh no more.

This jetty is usually surrounded by only a tiny bit of water at the very end, that you can wade through and sometimes it is sand there. There is always sand all up along the sides of this jetty. Today the waves crashed up high onto the rocks and as you can see the sand is under water.

When I first went down to have a look there were lots of people milling about looking and taking pics, as you can see here below, there is still some beach left.

But 20 minutes later, after I got my daughter to show her the waves, there wasn't any beach left in this same area

All in all we were very lucky this storm just skirted by us. In the winter we often get hit with some nasty Hurricanes, that we call Nor'easters. Because they attack the North Eastern Seaboard with a vengeance. In 1962 a big hurricane named Helen knocked down 2 little cottages right next to where my cottage sits now. My cottage survived. Now there are big houses built on those spots although they had remained empty for many, many years. Of course I was only a little squirt then, and didn't live down here, and only remember aunts and uncles and  parents talking about it. My neighbor has some old photos of the mess after that, and the nieghborhood in even older times which I hope to get copies of and post at a future date.

Have you ever been in a storm that rattled your windows and scared the heck out of you? I was in florida when Charley hit and a bit too close for comfort. That was a frightening storm and really reaked havoc with the Port Charlotte, North Port, Boca Grande area.

 For now, I'm off to get a good nights sleep, without the wind a -shaken and a -rattling my little house!
Thanks for stopping by! And stay safe and dry! Have a great Labor day!

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