Monday, July 11, 2011

Foofin around Down the Shore

I came down the shore on Saturday. Just needed a couple of days off to break things up. So while I was whiling away the hours, relaxing with a mojito in hand... I took a good look at my chair and a half and decided it was time to throw it in the wash again. I usually do that once a year, cause its slipcovered. and I always have to wait for it to line dry, because it's recommended to not go in the dryer. So I got to thinking...while I was waiting...
 I had this great Rachel Ashwell shabby chic slipcover from target on-line, which I was going to return because it didn't fit my big bulky loveseat....just sitting in my car....Let's try it on the chair and a half.

Have to say LOVE

This slip comes with a little ruffled front end! and it's so comfy. A nice white twill.
It is thin tho, so a bright colored print sofa would probably show through. Yes i have kids, a whole slew of em., teenagers and grown adults, and a sweet little grandbaby too. And lots of sandy toes.
Nothing like a white slip to throw in the wash and bleach at will!

 I am thinking about whitewashing those dark frames around the ships. These are a gift from my brother. He's a really good painter.

It went on pretty easy and tucked in simply too. it comes with a seperate seat cushion, that you adjust and tighten.

 And then I wrapped my separate pillow back in a plain white sheet. I will have to get around to making this pillow an actual cover, but I am very happy with it for now.
It's a nice change,  and the pale blue slip that came on my chair will go in storage for a while. I actually bought this chair and sofa and a smaller  club chair from Macy's furniture about 8 years ago. a big store with just furniture, not the Macy's in the Malls. I loved it so much I bought 2 of the club chairs for my florida house. They had a wide choice of slipcovers to choose. I never see slipcovered sofas offered for sale anymore, except Pottery barn and they don't have a lot of fabrics. The whole set is so so comfy, and the sofa is even a sleeper, with a special slipcover.

And after a night of cozying up on it and watching my new favorite show "Falling Skies".. I  still like the way it looks  in the morning.
I didn't even have to straighten it, just fold my blanket, and done.

Here is a close up of the little vintage purse I found out thrifting. I just adore her.

Now if i could only get my hands on some Hydrangea for this pitcher.

I know where there are plenty but I can't take any. Just down the street in the lighthouse gardens is an enormous bush, but no touchy, touchy allowed. Understandably so.

Right now, as I write this post, i am enjoying the sounds of the "Soul Cruisers" singing " I'll always love my momma" wafting thru the salty North Wildwood air from Keenan's Irish pub just up the street. They are there every Monday, and i don't even have to leave my front porch, to hear all of the oldies but goodies of Motown I am thanking the Lord for all my blessings, and the comfort of a cozy home, with the sea air drifting through the windows.

What I love about the shore is ...most often, I don't even need the air conditioner. It can be sweltering back home near Philly, even in the suburbs, because it is "the Delaware Valley, and humid just stays there.
Down the shore it is always a delightful sea breeze in my cottage, and I just love to suck it up.... Now they are singing " Bright sunshiny Day" i think we can make it now the rain has gone...

"Give me just a little more time"... and our  love will surely grow.
Time to dance.
Later ladies!

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  1. I love white slipcoved furniture... they bring that cottage feel that I just love... and that garden gate oh my goodness so so pretty and inviting... thank you for participating in Show Off Your Cottage Monday and bringing me here!

    Be blessed


  2. Very nice slipcover redo! Enjoy your beachy summer:)!

  3. I love the little vintage purse and the cute garden paths!

  4. Your slipcover looks sweet and what a shame you can't go and swipe some of those gorgeous hydrangeas!

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  6. i LOVE your slip cover! will try and find online.. i wonder if they post to australia.
    cheryl x

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