Friday, July 22, 2011

Mary's room Finally Complete

Well, I can finally say Mary's room is completely done!

Thanks so much for all your input. I enjoyed all your ideas and selections.

I painted the headboard white and
together my daughter and I painted one
 wall blue ( Behr sapphire berry) and 3 walls  green.

You can see from this photo I did pick some of the things you ladies had picked. Many of the items you ladies liked were already in my car  ;)) when I posted Phase 4 here.

On the chest, we incorporated Mary's prom flowers, which she dried herself, by including them in a great metalware vase I found with a vintage flare.

Mary dried her pretty prom flowers by just hanging them upside down for a few months. So it was nice to use them in the design.

Giving her all the swirley stuff she loved.

And a few other things I found and couldn't resist.
We found this lamp at Ikea. Mary liked it so much she got it before we got anything else.
 I just love how the bedspread has the same white florals in it.

The hardest part was finding the right bedspread for her, she wanted blue to go with the accent wall. Which is different than the other 3.. they are a pale green, almost aqua. You can see the difference in the right corner in the pic below.

The comforter is kinda a cross between the two shades. Finding the right blue was tricky. But I loved this one the minute I found it. And even more when we layed it on the bed.

We found this one at Target.

I painted the headboard white to match the furniture.
 I thought about painting the sconces but liked the touch of brown swirl there.

We got a bunch of swirly pillows in brown and aqua, and blue

I love what the painting on the wall says. "It's not about counting the years, but making the years count."
Amen to that.

 and how it is a patchwork like the rug.
I was lucky enough to find a nice lined fabric drape in a brown and the perfect pale green!

The bureaux got some pretty candles and that mosaicy- thing!

The stone ball everyone seemed to like was one item I already had in me cart the minute I spotted it.
 I saw it on the dresser in my mind.

And a last minute add that I found at Michael's on sale for only $3.20 was this wonderful box, that has all the elements of her room, some words of wisdon like the painting, a patchwork framework like the rug and the painting, and the perfect spa green, and browns, and lots of swirls.

 It even  has a hinged lid.

Now she has a place for school papers or hair gadgets, Yeahhh!!
I've had fun moving this one all around the room!!

Because everyone likes a Before and After...
Pretty big difference from the bed wall and how that wall used to look?

That wall before. .. with 1 dresser and 1 desk. mismatched.( I know..embarrasing)

But look at her now, all prettied up. With the  newly painted headboard & bed on that wall.

And the other wall, which used to have the bed.

Now the dressers grace it.

 The window wall which looked like this:

Now looks like this:

My favorite feature is absolutely the Pergo floors. It makes moving the furniture and the bed, which is a big heavy king, so simple, they just glide, even with the small rug under the bed, because it is thin, not like the carpet was, so much easier to move around to clean. This was the last room in the house with carpet, and I couldn't wait to get rid of it. All I can say now is... Yippeee, Skippie.
I may never see it this neat again!

Other before pics posted here in Phase 1,2, 3.   And the Inspiration Rooms here
Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. What a great transformation! Everything looks so perfect now! Wow! Love your space. You are so creative.
    Love to see you on my blog:)

  2. Sweet thing for a sweet dream! The room is so refreshing. Love all of the white. What a difference it made on the headboard. The wall colors are gorgeous. Now maybe your teen will want to go to bed at nite. She can look up at her roses and relive her Prom night.

  3. very pretty. I love the soft color palatte.


  4. It looks like your daughter will be surrounded by lots of her favorite things! Prett wall color. Thanks for sharing at the party!

  5. love the soft pretty colors- the room is very pretty!

  6. I adore the dresser you chose. You have great taste :)

  7. I am curious what you did to prep the old bureau before painting to insure the paint would "grab" the old finish. Did you seal it after painting with another substance? I would like to do this with my old bureau.

  8. PS.....awesome transformations!


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