Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Vintage Collections

I have a few things I just couldn't stop myself from hunting down, buying or foraging for, so after a while I guess they do become a collection.
So I guess i'd say i have a few collections. Years ago I began an obsession with blue and white dishes.It started with just pitchers

 then my step mom gave me tiffany plates

 some blue onion

 I used my blue and white willow wear all the time and eventually gave it to my daughter. I recently renovated  my kitchen and packed all the blue and white away,

 and bought out all the old solid white and some newly thrifty white. some of that is later in this post.

But for now, the story of my  Hull pottery.
Usually I only buy in the Water lilly or Magnolia patterns.

 The one below is my favorite and the one that started my hunt for Hull.

The story behind it is so cute. Back in 1985,An old neighbor who was about 65 then, used to help us out fixing things, and I had gone down to his basement where he was searching for a special bolt, for me , and when I looked to see a few grimey old screwdrivers sitting inside this gorgeous piece of pottery on an old shelf, with a bunch of nuts and bolts, my jaw dropped. I asked him why he didn't just have them in an old coffee can, instead of this beauitful piece. He said, Oh that old thing, Someone gave it to us for a wedding present, it's older than dirt."  "You can have it if you like it." 

Like it....I loved it. But we better ask your bride!! She said Oh sure, I don't have any use for it.
They were married  when he was 20. So I guess it was about circa1940. I had no idea what it was at the time but had seen Roseville and thought it to be even prettier than any Roseville I'd come across.
On the bottom it said Hull USA

So i took it home with me and an affair with Hull was born!

oops I can't forget, I have a few vintage purses i adore. I just love to hang them around the house.
Against an old door
On my old clapboard porch front
On a table top or near the hutch
Or just dangling from an old cubbard

I also have collections of vintage tablecloths, which I have posted once before here.
Cottage Beach House: Vintage Tablecloth Love
and honestly, of course ... the seashells,

They are the most fun to collect because they are free and the whole family becomes involved, scouring the beach for goodies.

Never really thought about myself as a collector but yep, I have to admit I have enough white pitchers and pottery to be a collection, and vintage aqua bottles too!

I have fun with the things I "collect" I use them for flowers, and drinks, and setting out dinner.
 and holding fruit, and milk and sugar

I like to use these little white pitchers to stuff flowers in or mix a couple mojitos.

 It makes the yard sales, and thrift shops a fun jaunt to see if I can find the things that I like.
What things do you like to find when your out on a hunt?


  1. It must be a "Beach" thing... the love of white, bottles and shells...
    I too have a similar collection!
    Beautiful post!
    Gypsea Nurse

  2. The Hull pottery is special but the story of how you started collecting it is totally charming!

  3. I love the story of
    your Hull pottery.
    That piece and its
    story really epitomizes
    the comfort of collections
    in my mind! All of
    yours speak to someone
    who truly loves the sea,
    with the blues, the whites
    and the bottles, too.
    Thank you for joining in
    my collector's party and
    letting us take a little
    peek through the window
    at your pretty things!
    xx Suzanne

  4. so many pretty collections!! i will ALWAYS have a soft spot for blue and white dishes... so classic. :o) my last name is ball so you can imagine how many turquoise canning jars i have in my collection by the same name! LOVE them!

  5. You have so many lovely collections and a lovely story too. Thanks for sharing at Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays.

  6. good morning...so happy to meet you and your blog....I found you on a linky party...and so glad I did...we have soooo much in common...I too have a beach house down the shore (NJ) and it started out as an 800 square foot cottage. We kept it that way for the first 15 years that we owned it, but last year, rebuilt in the same spot....I love your kitchen, great job and the photos of the beach and the sea shells....I'll be back often...please visit me as well....hope to keep in touch with a fellow shore blogger....:) Mariaelena


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