Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The "Frenchification" of my Studio/Guestroom Phase1

One thing I really enjoy doing is changing things. There are a lot of things that need it, in my world ;)

So I  have finally found some time to begin the process of Frenchifying the room my son moved out of.
I like that term " Frenchify"... I picked it up from Debra over at Common Ground, who just yesterday had a Design Challenge, featuring the room I am currently working on.
 Design Challenge: Eileen's Guestroom/Studio

So the Frenchification began today with this old mirror, I gave it the first coat.

Preparing her for her "White Wedding" ( cue Billy Idol)... she has the prettiest details, and a bit of chippy, layered, vintage charm.

I just need to give her another creamy white veil of color
 Then distress her up a bit for her marriage to the big dresser which will be my next paint project.
The way she looked before was kinda tired and old, and my daughter said give it to goodwill..

I think she is starting to look pretty sweet now.

This is my first attempt at Frenchifying!  This is the beginning stage of my Studio/ Guestroom re-design, you can see the plans in a previous post My Studio/ Guestroom redesign

I have previously "Beachified" many things, and I've posted some of the more miraculous changes, in the posts below, 

When I went down to Florida for 3 weeks, to paint and party with my sis.

 Oh and speaking of my sis, We just finished painting a slew of furniture for her Beach house. I'll post about that later... I am trying to get her to start a blog.... she loves to write, and she is so good at it. Some of the stuff we used for her place, we found on one of our thrifting adventures.


  1. Love this mirror! It's definitely a keeper.

  2. Well,you got right on the job. Can't wait to see all you're doing. Time to play the wedding march!

  3. How fun--I can't wait to see the chair you found at the CURB! Where in FL? Anywhere near Tampa?

  4. Love "frenchification"! I'm going to use that word!
    Thanks for popping by!
    Kerry at


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