Friday, August 26, 2011

Hoping my Cottage holds fast.

A mandatory evacuation of New York buroughs that are low lying is a bit scary. First time in N.Y. history. In New Jersey all of Cape May county has been evacuated. These aren't suggestions they are mandatory which means if you stay you are breaking the law. You may not get help if you need it. I am glad I went down to my Jersey shore cottage yesterday to secure lawn furniture and close things tight.
As the sun shone and the skies darkened

 I wish I would have done more. Like boarded it up. It became a mandatory evac while I was locking things down, so I secured what I could and left. A one and a half hr trip home took 3 1/2 hrs. Lots of people leaving. There is only one gas station in North Wildwood on the way out and it had at least 75 cars in line. and a police presence. I was lucky, had a full tank.

I'm worried about my little cottage down the shore and really hope this hurricane will lose some of it's strength. They are saying it may be the worst in 50 years to hit the northeast. Gee we just had an earthquake the other day. what the heck is going on?

This is a vintage picture of the area where my seaside cottage is, back in the early part of this century.
The large garage type structure in the foreground is the Coast Guard  building. Behind it you will see a few cottages. Mine is the fourth one in. The first 3 cottages you see, all were destroyed in the Nor'Easter that hit in  March, 1962 .
North Wildwood, NJ

My cottage held fast. the 3 next to it ocean side, were totally destroyed and fell victim to the great Nor'easter

  • The 2 story white shed you see below is still there. It is behind my cottage today.
  • After those 3 homes were extremely damaged and torn down there were empty lots till the 80's

Picture after 1962 hurricane

Below is the same area yesterday, taken from an area over on the right side of this picture.

 There is a park in this area now, and 3 new big homes. That 2 story shed that survived the 62 storm? It's an effieceincy now in pink , with a deck and patio! See it in bottom right of pic below.
 There is just a peek of my little cottage behind the white house with red trim here.

A closer look. My neighbors taped their windows. My cottage is tiny, maybe the big houses will protect it! Recognize my sunroom? I hope she holds.

A lone police car. And the Coast Guard building from a different angle

I just heard that the Atlantic City casinos are shutting down tomorrow. Wow. that's a biggy.
Here's hoping my cottage holds fast.
In 62 the whole Jersey coast was hit pretty bad.
Below is a picture of Sea Isle after the storm.

So let's all send up some prayers, for the entire Eastern seaboard.


  1. Eileen, I hope your little cottage holds fast against the wind and water. We have just returned from our abbreviated vacation week thanks to Irene's impending visit. We were down your neck of the woods on Wednesday - in fact, I know now from the pictures that we drove right past your lovely home. We left our condo in Barnegat this afternoon ahead of the mandatory evacuation for our area. Monday will be the telling of the story won't it! Good luck to you and stay safe.

  2. Good luck. Keeping all in prayer during this time.

  3. Let's hope for the best!! And I had hurricane concerns spending the summer in FL!! Now I'm back in RI. Kind of ironic that a hurricane is coming my way. We're right by the water, but on a hill.


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