Sunday, August 14, 2011

It's Always Summer in Florida

I know soon the Fall decorating begins in blogland. Too soon for me.
I will be the very last to indulge in that.

I love summertime, and no matter how hot it gets, I always want the season to remain. I have to admit September is one of my favorite Summer months. Yes, summer doesn't end until September 21, so it is officially, mostly, a summer month. The water is warm and the beach is delightful in September. So, being my favorite summer month, I savor it. I celebrate the last stages of summer, like it was the final stages of a ceremony, and aren't those final stages always the best?
Now when I am down the shore in New Jersey I can literally tell when summer is coming to it's final 3 weeks by the blooms on the seagrass out back. .
As you can see from this picture taken today, the blooms are just beginning to sprout. August 14th, plenty of summer left. ( My neighbor got a nice new picket fence.... I might need to plant some roses! I love roses on a picket fence)

There is actually only one visible plume sprout, dead center in this photo just popping out

 By the end of summer there will be tons of plumes up and they get real plump and full like I showed you here in this tablescape post where I filled a fabric basket with the seagrass plumes.

So Jersey's summer will end in 5 weeks. But Florida, now that a different story.

What I truly appreciate about Southwest Florida is that it's pretty much always summer. And that's why I go there, in the dead of winter after Christmas when I start longing for sunshine again.
My mantel in Florida will forever reflect summer. The tropical painting was a Home Goods find.

 I suppose if i were to actually live there, well then I might actually make a Fall and Christmas mantel, ...for like.. a week....but in no way, no how, will I do it now. First off I won't be there till after Christmas.

I go there for the never ending summer. To get way, far away, from the cold.
To drool at the warm delights of the sea. The shells are all collected from beaches on the gulf coast, except the starfish. Both mason jars are old, an Atlas and a Ball, found at a little antique shop in Englewood. And the large shell my daughter found while snorkeling at Boca Grande

I love my Florida fireplace!  It is made entirely of fossilized coral.  My little nymph was found at a thrift store, isn't she sweet? A candle or seashell fits perfectly in the flower she holds. The picture below is only half of our gang. Hub, me and our 3 girls. We also have 3 boys.

And I love how tall this fireplace is, it goes all the way up to the ceiling, and they are high.
I am seriously considering painting that black and gold  to  beige. ( hummmnn another project reason for me to disappear to Florida for a month)
I cozied it up by with some throw pillows, It's another place to plop down when there's a crowd.
I made the pillows myself

One side is a novelty fabric, the other side is dropcloth with beachy words written on it.

Thanks for stopping by, Smooth Sailin to ya!

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  1. I am with ya sister! I too am a summer girl....I think we were mermaids in another life! lol Wonderful pictures. Diane

  2. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog... I am just back from my first...but not last trip to Florida

  3. I just love all of the beach accents in your home! The mantel is perfect!

  4. Your fireplace is wonderful! Love how you have it decorated, all the beachy touches! I was lucky enough to spend a week in FL this summer with one on my best friends. Love it there!

  5. Your mantel is soooo serene. Nice vignettes.

  6. Hi that is great article and All types of log furniture can be made from wood logs. This includes beds, tables and benches, candle bars, handrails, furniture, etc. made of logs to look fashionable and feel comfortable with it.

  7. Wow...I love your fireplace too and I'm with you about making the gold/brass finish disappear ;-)

    Love your mason jars full of seashells too!

  8. Lovely pics and your fireplace is so nice :) Thanks for sharing at Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays


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