Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Final year of High School for my youngest

This past thursday was Senior Prom for my youngest daughter. I don't usually blog about my family but with this milestone being crossed I couldn't help myself. The final year of high school for my youngest.
It was a perfect day for a prom. Not too hot. Just perfect.
I loved how the local salon did here hair. It came out perfect.
Her dress was love at first site. we had gone shopping together on a recent trip to Florida and we found it at Dillards. 
The minute she put it on, she knew and  I knew it was the one. 

The dress was a pretty powder blue, that looked steel blue or almost silver in certain light.

A sneak peak at her getting ready. She looked like Cinderella.
And ready to go.
You can tell she is beaming with excitement.
She had a great time. And met up with a group of friends.
All lovely girls in beautiful gowns.
I love that the glamour and fairy tale is back with these dresses. I've seen so many styles come and go with the passing of all my kids proms.
2 years ago everyone was wearing crazy wild prints. And of course my girls went along with that.
Here are my girls as a sophomore and junior in 2009. As you can see, in their  mermaid style wild prints.

And then in 2010 as junior and senior, bringing a bit more glamour back.

 and with a friend... still the wild prints were present at  prom 2010.
You can really tell with this  group of mixed wild prints and subdued long gowns, for Prom 2010
There are a few wild prints in here. And pretty simple straight lines on the long gowns.

But  wild is no where in site for 2011 below. At least not in our neck of the woods. Pure glamour. Lots of ruffles, and lace.
These are all oscar worthy, red carpet, "I'd like to thank the Academy" gowns, don't ya think?
Who doesn't want to look like a princess at least once?

Of course trends are different all over and those wild animal prints may be very popular where you live. I'm curious. Anyone have kids going to prom this year? Or recently maybe you yourself went and what trends do you see in prom wear in your area? Do you like the gowns you've been seeing in the stores?

 I have really loved watching all the different styles come and go. Some years even the shorter dresses were worn.  Back in 1999 and 2000 when my boys went to prom the girls were wearing shorter dresses. It's always fun to watch the young set get dressed up and enjoy the milestones in their lives.
Pretty soon it will be one more Graduation party!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed my little prom pictorial.

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  1. Aww, what a special time....enjoy it!



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