Saturday, June 18, 2011

Just Pinking about Saturdays

I thought I would post some of the pink amd purple seashells I found while down in Florida on the gulf side.

I couldn't resist putting them all around this pretty pink roses vase I picked up while antiqueing in Key West

Not all the beaches of Southwest florida are abundant with these. But some are just loaded with them, and the beach that my florida vacation home is near has tons! Especially after a bit of a storm. The pitcher is my keepsake of my trip to the Keys with my sis back in April.

When I put this set up on my bedroom bureaux down there last trip, my hubbo says to me
"that doesn't match anything in this room" and I swiftly responded "That'll change"
Because, basically, nothing in that bedroom is the way I want it, so everything will need to undergo some transformation, sooner or latter.
It is as it was,  when we purchased it. The only thing we bought was a new mattress.

It needs to be Beachified, Shabbified, and basically Cottaged up a bit... so

1.The furniture has gotta go
2. The rugs gotta go... ( they are clean, just not me, not my color, I actually prefer hardwood or laminate floors, not a fan of the rug)

I'm secretly looking for new flooring for that place. I say secretly because right now we are in the midst of a redo of my daughters room in NJ...( I am back in New Jersey again) and that will take some time and some money, and as I search for her new flooring options I am secretely weeding through what I can use for of course Florida will have to be on the back burner for a while.

But speaking of Florida, when I was down there at the Target I found this to-die-for shabby chic bedspread and shams which I HAD to go back and buy when I woke up the next day, because my brain just kept swirling around lusting for that pretty pinkness.
And the Euro pillow of my dreams, so soft, and pink on pink, and fluffy.
i just could not resist...I tried... I left the store without it, I went home, ate dinner, cleaned up, went to bed,
But it called to me at night..."Come back" "Come back" like that Titanic movie. :0)
 So I had to go. i couldn't leave it there on the shelf calling my name.

Now all I have to do is get furniture in there that I actually LIKE..
I am hiding the night table in the photo below with a tablecloth

because I HATE it...
furniture goes
rug goes
Bed stays

And that will be the start of that room re-do. Inspired by some  pink shells from the shore.

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  1. Ohhh, the bedding and pitcher and shells look so lovely together. Love your Target story (ha ha).

  2. Love, Love, Love your bedding! I'm a huge fan of Simply Shabby Chic. If I could I would buy all of her line! Thanks for visiting my blog, Marcia in California

  3. Love your bedding! The pink roses are just soooo pretty!! Vanna

  4. I love the shells and I love the pillow that was calling you back to it, very pretty.

  5. love your bed linen!! stopping by from a beach cottage.
    cheryl x

  6. Oh so BEAUTIFUL!!! We have lots of those shells down here at my beach too...and they always call to me also:)

  7. I'm pretty late catching up on visits, but I love your new bedding! It's not fair how gorgeous it all is. I can't resist buying Simply SHabby Chic either! I like your response "that'll change" too! Brilliant!

  8. Lovely bedding! Can't wait to see your bedroom transformation, good luck. Thanks so much for stopping by BC Good Life Wednesdays linky party.

  9. Your linen is to die for... I have bed envy :) xx Ava

  10. Your bedding is just beautiful~ love shabby and pink!! Thanks for sharing this over at my party :)


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