Saturday, June 11, 2011

Patio Dining in Florida

Come on in to my lanai in Florida

The hibiscus my hub and I put in is finally blooming

It's morning and I'm having my coffee, poofing up the patio table before the kids get up.

Come and sit for a bit with me..

  munchin on some fresh fruit.

It's a rather fun way to begin the day if you can manage to steel a few minutes before the crew awakes.

And then they wake up and say... ohhh how pretty. Because they are older now and appreciate it.
Like a picnic on the patio.

And Melissa from the inspired room is always full of interesting tips on layering, leaning and stacking...and I noticed that today she has a pretty mason jar with jute tied around it,!
These are just what I love to work with... jute, twine, sisal, and any rope around anything and everything for a nautical flavor.

 My mason jar is filled with soft white powdery sand from Siesta Key.

Everyone likes to feel it. It is really just like powdered sugar.
Siesta Key was just voted as one of Sarasota's best beaches and I recently posted about our last visit to it here.

Now that they have woken up, I will let them 

eat in peace.

Thanks go out to Sarah at a beach cottage for the mission to fluff it up a bit this Saturday.

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  1. Love all your coastal goodies on the table! So pretty.

  2. What a lovely lanai! And your beachy finds on the table are perfect for your coastal home!




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