Saturday, June 4, 2011

Taking pictures now is all about the fun to me!!

And the challenges: which by the way there is a food photo challenges at LEM Photo Challenge ~ 

My food photo a wonderful cake my son's girl made! for my hubbo's birthday.

She is totally self taught and she can make any kind of cake. He likes the casino so this is what he got!

I have to say that I think the i phone is a wonderful tool to have. I'm not being paid to say this. I've had it for a while, but have really just come to realize what a great tool it is. I came to realize this when I had it handy in the Keys.
I took a few pics with it on my way to the shore from the car. And I think after cropping out the inside of the car, which you see in the first shot.... I think they actually become a pretty darn good picture. I mean this thing has really got some focus power.. even when the vehichle is still moving!
Anyone can take a pretty decent picture with todays ability to auto focus and all the different photo editing software, that just was not available 20 years or even ten years ago.

Take a look at the shot untouched and then simply cropped , with no other effects.

Original shot from car.

Then simply cropped

Another shot after cropping out the car window. This one is a little clearer because the car was stopped.

I think it is kinda neat that technology has come this far that with a phone, the blades of marsh grass are pretty clear.
And this one below is one of my favorites. The trees are all lined up like little soldiers.
Before... Note the car window framing it and spoiling it..
never let that stop you from the picture you want.
Here it is cropped. and auto enhanced in  iphoto. So much nicer. Huh?

There are other effects in iphoto you can use... like mess with the temperature. .
Making it cool
or making it warm.

But I always like the natural photo the best, just cropped and sometimes enhanced,
 which just brings out the natural colors.
i am just beginning to play with some of the effects in iphoto and geeees it is so  much fun to discover.
They have other effects too like sepia and blur and tint and highlights which I haven't even begun to check out.
But i think I am going to have me some fun....but some photos I don't want to mess with the color, like this one below. This is exactly how I want to remember the water of the Causeway to Boca Grande.

But let's do with out that car interior. or that highway guardrail!

Mucho better.

Things have come a long way since my first Single Lens Reflex Camera, where there's was no ability to crop or cut anything out, and it all had to be manually focused by hand. You had to have the correct aperture setting in order to bring the proper amount of light in through the lens. or forget about it.

At least now with the SLR digital cameras, you can still make those adjustments, say if you want a great shot of the moon coming up.

For the most part I am glad to have a handy little camera that travels everywhere in my pocket, and gives me opportunity to catch shots I never would have gotten before.

This whole post came about because I am creating a photo wall in the family room and found I am really short on photos from my first 3 kids, when photography was a little more cumbersome. I have a bit more of the fourth...And I have loads of the last 2 kids. thanks to the modern convenience of the pocket camera and the i phone.

And the fun I can have with pictures!


  1. You're so right - I also like to play with the camera and image processing. Your little sweet is so pretty ... to the hug and smooch! ;)


  2. Hi Eileen!
    Thanks for stopping by. I have an I phone too but my pics don't look like yours. Perhaps I need to read the manual. Btw that is some cake! Your hubby must have been elated.

  3. Dear Eileen

    Thank you for visiting my blog.

    I wish I was going to Florida.

    I have been thinking of planning a trip there
    but I haven't gotten around to it.

    Have a wonderful time.


    Coastal Blue Ocean


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