Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I was on a thrifting mission recently and was lucky enough to find 4 milkglass dishes that match a set I've had for a decade, with only four plates, but 8 glasses. I was so happy to find these :0)

And along with the dishes, in the same shop I found this pretty white pitcher.
(I have a weekness for pitchers. Weather they are white or blue and white. I have a hard time turning away.

I have a few favorite places here in New Jersey but this was a new place I discovered while visiting Florida.

And I also found a pretty little burlap coffee bag,

which I eagerly snatched up and stuffed with beach grass and seashells and a starfish.

I love finding new places that are chock full of things, don't you? It's like being a little kid in a candy shop, and you almost have to drag me out. My next trip down there, I am hoping to get some vintage mixing bowls.

I am still in the process of little by little, making the florida house more beachy. It's getting there. These things take time. Especially when I'm not there too often. But it is always fun to sneak away and shop and discover new places.

A vintage lace tablecloth and one of my white pitchers in my shore house in New Jersey. I felt very lucky when I nabbed this piece of pottery.

I haven't looked it up yet but it has a number on the bottom and I think it's a Hull or Mc Coy.
 If you do recognize it please let me know in the comments.
I like how the off white lace looks over the white table.

 I can't forget to include the pretty white roses for my daughters graduation!

 Her friend gave her one red rose because that was the color of her grad cap and gown.

I love how it looks mixed in with the all white.

I hope you all have a great white wednesday!

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~White Wednesday # 106~


  1. Lovely...lovely post! The whites are so dreamy and elegant! Thanks for sharing. You got a stunning space here.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  2. HI, when you said kid in a candy store I knew we spoke the same language. New follower 106.
    Thanks for visiting my blog,


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