Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wonderful Whites

This post is about some of my favorite white things.

White Sugary Soft Sand.... how it feels on my toes.

White Sandy paths on the contemplate this great life.

White Foam of the it splashes over me.

White Fences and Palms.... to soothe my eyes with their sereneness.

White Chenille at Hemingway's House..... inspiring me to seek such a piece.

White Thrifted finds at my Cottage.... their textures, so delightful.

The thrill of the hunt for Vintage Usable Whites

The  smooth white sand of Islamarada...........calling me back to the Keys

Simple White Dishes fun to arrange.

Various Shells on Whitewashed Wood

Chippy White Shelves

What is your favorite White thing?

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  1. Oh Eileen....

    What wonderfully delicious whites.... Mmmmmmmm.......that sand! How yummy. And, all of your white pottery.... 2die4! LOVE it. What a lucky chickie you are.


    PS... thanks so much for your visit.... it helped me find you too!

  2. Your photos look so pretty. I love all the whites, the ocean...makes me want to be at the ocean on a holiday, relaxing. I'm your new follower and have enjoyed admiring your beach cottage photos.

  3. I love all of your favorite things. I do have a white porcelain pear that I love.


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