Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pleased as Pudding

I have to say I was really pleased when I drove home from Florida last week and found my spring perennials were blooming in New Jersey.
When I left for Florida in March it was so cold that I hadn't been in the garden since October 2010.
But she still is looking pretty, wouldn't you say? With her luscious yellow Daffodils.

And little white blossoms were falling to the ground from the trees, like faires.

And my favorite . The Hyacinth in Pink.

I will be cutting these pretties for my Easter touches around the old homestead.

The garden looks a little war torn from the winter, but it is so nice to see these flowers pop up year after year.

 I have to go get a scissors and cut me some.
So I can decorate for Easter before I run off to Florida with one of my teenagers again. :))

After all 1/4 of the family will still be here. 
And this way I won't have to rush when I get back on Good Friday...
 I can just get candy and Easter dinner.

p.s. If I have enough time before my plane I will take pics of Easter Decor. Eye candy.
 ( before the real candy)
mmmnnn, I am already thinking about those coconut eggs.

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  1. Fabulous photos, that is my favorite time of year when buds start popping up to greet the sunshine.


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