Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sarah's Saturday Mission 4

I am so ready for this one.
Beach...Double check
Ruffles... check
Prairie boots...can I do Flip flops? it's 85 here.

  1. Flowers. ...When I stepped off the plane, Hubbo was waiting at the airport to pick me up, hubbo had these flowers in hand. Sweetie.

With a sign that said Eileen!!  ( He is a bit of a joker)    :))

He missed me, because I was in Florida for 3 weeks while he was in NJ.
And then he was in Florida for a week while I was in NJ
It was a month we didn't see each other!

 I put the flowers in some thrifted old milk glass vase (as per the Saturday club rules) :)

Sarah said fluff the flowers with some shells. I started and then I....

.... went a bit nutsy with the flower fluffing and the shells. Cause I have so many pretty shells . We have such a great beach.

Every shell found on my beach.

...forcing myself to stop.

Flowers and shells....Done.. Gee that was fun.

2. Coffee... every morning without fail, 3 cups to open the eyeballs... easy peasy ....Done.
3. Beach.. with teens on spring break? of course!  Easy again...done.. and I think it will be every day this week !! A different Gulf Coast beach. Manasota Beach, Blind Pass, Boca Grande, Siesta Key....Done and Tomorrow

4.Ruffles...  of course, A cover up for the beach. Mine happens to have ruffles, and OMG eyelet!!!
 How prairie is that?...Done

5. Prairie Boots... I had to draw the line here and substitute my pink flip flops with the bow. It's a bit hot here for boots on the beach.  I'm just a rebel from way back. I gotta break some rule...Kinda done

Sarah's notepad says DONE....KINDA DONE.....NEVER STARTED..... TOMORROW
I love it!
A beach cottage's Saturday club Mission 1V accomplished. (cept for the boots)


  1. Hi, visiting you back from Redo 101 - thanks for stopping by and your sweet comment on my PB lantern! While here, I "followed" your blog!

  2. Bonsoir and Merci ~ First, what a fun weekend! 85 and a beach? WOW! I am so jealous. Second, we appreciate your visit, and are happy that you entered our "April In Paris" Giveaway Event. Wishing you the best of luck in the 2 remaining Giveaways! Au Revoir ~ Chelle


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