Monday, April 11, 2011

Beaching up the Florida Kitchen

I wasn't nuts about the paint job in my Florida house kitchen. It happens to be a relatively stark combination of black and white from the previous owner.  The paint job was sort of a ragged on grey with black on top.
The way I felt is this... because the cabinets are a very stark white and the counter is black, the black and  white walls were just too much!

It felt like I was in  a big Oreo cookie!

Because I don't get here as often as I would like, except for the occasional spring break, or November break, lthat leaves me with no real time to make improvements that I have been dreaming of,  this is the way it has stayed.... for 5 years.

That's why I came this time for a month.
To make changes.

I'd like to tile over the stove but can't quite afford it yet. After all I just completely re-did my kitchen at home and that one had to wait for 12 years!!
You can read about the major kitchen re-do in Jersey here and here

But there are small changes I can do to make it a little more beachy.

So I started the process of painting the walls. Just a very soft grey, almost white.
And decided to accent with just a couple of starfish. And these cute tin tiles I found.

I love the old tin look.
Here she is painted in a very soft grey.
I know I need to add some splashes of color in here.

I think if I add some  nice nickle pulls my cabinets would look so much better.
 Right now they have none. I don't really like that look, and besides they get a lot of fingerprints that way. But that will be another project for me.

I found the tin tiles, and a tin square basket for fruit, up in Venice Florida, when I went up there on a Saturday club mission directed by Sarah at "a beach cottage" to do a bit of boutique shopping. I was so delighted to find them because they are just the look I was seeking.

So goodbye Oreo cookie colors

For a softer gentler palette
Nice what a bit of paint and some refashioned old tin can do isn't it?

That was then

This is now.

Soothing the savage beach in me!

Thank you for stopping by!

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  1. What a transformation - isn't paint awesome? I love the little tin treasures you found :O)

  2. Oh my! this looks wonderful!!! good job..the little tins look perfect with the starfish.
    So much brighter, and beachy.


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